Musselburgh (Edinburgh) Driving Test Centre Routes

Practical Driving Test Centre Address:

Newhailes Industrial Estate
Newhailes Road
Olivebank, Musselburgh
City of Edinburgh
EH21 6SJ

Average Pass Rate: 48.9%


Musselburgh driving test centre is on Newhailes Industrial Estate near the centre of town. The car park for the test centre is large so it is likely that you may have to conduct a bay park at the centre. A couple of busy roads that could come up on your test are the A11 and The City Of Edinburgh Bypass, as these are tricky roads. On your test, the route also could involve roundabouts, crossroads and junctions of a complex nature.

DTC: Driving Test Centre | T/L: Traffic Light | EOR: End Of Road

Test Routes

Unfortunately, no routes are known at this time