Isle of Mull Driving Test Routes

Isle of Mull Driving Test Centre Address  (Salen)

Post Office Salen Isle of Mull

PA72 6JD

Tel 0300 200 11 22


Isle of Mull Driving Test Centre Pass Rates

2018-2019 Car 80.8%

2017-2018 Car 55.6%

2016-2017 Car 64.7%

2015-2016 Car 88.2%

2013-2014 Car 80%

2012-2013 Car 65.5%

2010-2011 Car 68.6%

2008-2009 Car 53.65%


Type of Test Route Car and Motorcycle
Route Number 1
Name/ Number of Road Direction
DTC Left
Craignure Rd Right after start of dual carriage way
Service Rd Right, right, EOR right
Tobermory Rd Left
Ulva Ferry Rd Follow approx. 3 miles
2 nd right, EOR right, EOR left
Back towards Salen
Aros Drive EOR left, EOR left
Tobermory Rd Follow 1.5 miles
Back to Salen
Park in front of shop
Note: Most roads are not named, however, it is suggested to use ALL roads within a 5 mile radius of Salen.
Please note that any route is subject to alteration at the discretion of the examiner