we also provide a driving test cancellation checker for pupils who are looking for a driving test sooner. We have a free and pro version and can guarantee to beat your expectations and provide unrivalled levels of support. 


Don’t wait for months, you can get a driving test next week. No account necessary. If you book an exam just enter your licence and booking reference number, rest is our responsibility.



Every 30 second all day long we check driving test cancellation nationwide.Unlimited cancellations until you pass.Once we find one that suits you, we’ll send you a message and give you the option to accept or decline.



Sometimes waiting around for a test can be hard. You can increase your chances to get an earlier test by selecting multiple centers. Just select additional test centers with our Driving test cancellation checker or App.



With an auto book selected means you will never miss a date. Don’t take the chance of missing that perfect date if we found one for you. As soon as a suitable date comes along we will book this test for you and notify you once it is booked. Just select the Autobook section with your preferred date.


Need to keep moving your test? That’s fine. We’ll keep offering you driving test cancellations until you find one that suits you.



An earlier test or your money back! Yes that’s right, if we can’t find you an earlier appointment within 2 weeks, you get a refund. No questions asked.



  • No sign up required.
  • Cover all UK driving test centres.
  • Free and Pro version to suit your needs.
  • Fast Track, Check for test every 30 Seconds.
  • You can select multiple test centres to choose.
  • If we don’t find you an earlier test with 2 weeks , you get a full refund.
  • Get automatic notifications SMS, emails and push notifications option.
  • If you fail, you can come back and use our service as many times as you like, no extra cost.

How to Get a Driving Test Cancellation

We can help you schedule a driving test cancellation at your preferred test center at any time and date. Let’s get you an earlier practical driving test scheduled RIGHT NOW.

So you’ve taken the final step toward getting on the road and obtaining your brand new driver’s license. Congratulations! The only thing standing in your way now is completing your driving course and securing that ideal practical test date. Unfortunately, most learner drivers are unaware of the lengthy driving test wait times that they may face. These wait times can be inconvenient if you need your license quickly. So, how do you expedite the process? The answer is simple: driving test cancellations.

If you want to pass the exam as soon as possible, keep reading. We’ll show you how to use Early driving tests to shorten your wait time. And how Blind Spot Driving School can take care of the problem entirely.

What is a cancellation of a driving test?

When a student’s previously reserved test slot becomes available, a driving test cancellation occurs. A cancellation occurs when a student cancels or reschedules their driving test. When the instructor is unavailable, the student is usually not prepared to take their driver’s test.


There are also non-bookable cancellations, which happen when a testing center cancels your test. Usually as a result of severe weather, illness, or covid 19.


How does the driving test cancellation process work?


The driving test cancellation process work in four steps. They are:-


  • A test cancellation is available when a student needs to reschedule their test date. Usually due to not being ready to take their practical driving test.


  • New earlier test dates may become available as well. Due to increased examiner availability and other factors, test centers release batches of new test dates at random.


  • You can change your currently scheduled test to any of the new dates if a student cancels their test or a testing center releases new dates


  • Here’s where our cancellation service comes in handy. We can notify and book you for one of these earlier tests; all you need to do is tell us your preferred test center, date, and time.


Waiting times for driving tests


.As we’ve previously discussed on our blog. You’ll face long driving test wait times if you try to book your own practice test. Why? There are a variety of reasons for this. Including a shortage of examiners at understaffed test centers that can’t handle the large number of learner drivers attempting to pass their tests. The anticipation of the new driving test changes has pushed up wait times even more in recent months. All of this means that students will now have to wait months for a practical.


There’s also something of a postcode lottery for learners, as waiting times can vary depending on where you live. Busy cities have more test centers, but they are also overcrowded due to the high number of candidates. As you might expect, this is usually the inverse of what can be expected at rural testing centers. 


Waiting times aren’t a problem for students who don’t mind taking their time and having a test date months away. However, not everyone is content with life in the slow lane. Some people have an immediate need to drive—for example, you may need to drive for a new job. Other students are simply too eager to get behind the wheel to waste months waiting. Fortunately, there is a workaround: A driving test schedule finder.


Scheduling a driving test


The date you schedule your test is entirely dependent on the type of driving course or lesson you’re taking. If you’re working with a private ADI, you’ll need to discuss the timing of your driving test with them. You need to think about how many lessons you’ve already completed. How many more you’ll need. And how steep your learning curve is. If you enroll in a driving school, they will always offer to schedule your practical test for you, making it entirely out of your hands.


If you are solely responsible for scheduling your practical test, we have you covered. All you have to do is visit gov.uk to schedule your test, just as you did for your theory test. However, you must book a cancellation driving test at the earliest available date before you can get an early test date. This test date is frequently months away. It essentially acts as a stopgap until you can find driving test cancellations to move your practical test date closer. 


To schedule your test, you will need the following items:


  • Your temporary license number.
  • Your pass number for the theory test.
  • You’ll need a credit or debit card to pay for the test.


To begin, you must provide your provisional license and theory pass number. After that, you can select a date for your driving test. Please keep in mind that this does not guarantee that your preferred date will be available. If you are unable to secure the desired test date, you must choose another date. You will then need to select a test center for your practice, which is usually close to your home. Not sure which center to go with? Here you can find the location of your nearest testing facility.


After you’ve determined the earliest possible test date, you’ll be asked to provide personal and contact information. You will then confirm everything and pay for your test. As previously stated, this test serves as a placeholder until an earlier test date can be found.


Searching for cancellations


Simply return to gov.uk after booking your test to change the date and time—you can look for test cancellations. This service is available online between 6 a.m. and 11:40 p.m. Check for cancellations as frequently as possible because they are always quickly filled. 


Simply search, refresh, and try again until you find driving test cancellations that you’re looking for. The more time you have to find a test. The better—cancellations can happen early in the morning or late at night. It’s just a matter of being quick and decisive. After all, these cancellations can push your test date closer by weeks or months.


How to find free driving test cancellations


So you want to find free driving test cancellations?


To begin, you must schedule a driving test with the DVSA.


In reality, when you book your practical driving test appointment, you will find that the majority of your local driving test centers where you have been learning to drive have practical driving test appointments that are more than 12 weeks away! And now that the Coivid-19 pandemic has resulted in a longer wait for driving test cancellations. Everyone is eager to pass their driving test as soon as possible.


Your driving instructor has advised that you are now ready to take your practical driving test. And you should schedule your test as soon as possible! Can you imagine having to wait that long, or even longer, for your next driving test if you’ve failed your driving test. And you only have two years to pass your driving test before your theory test expires?


When looking for a free driving test cancellation, remember that once you’ve scheduled your driving test, you can cancel or change it at any time; you are not locked into the driving test date you originally booked. “Where can I get a free copy of these driving test cancellations?” I can hear you asking…


This is how to get a free early driving test cancellation…


You can change your driving test date, as well as the practical driving test center where you take your test, for free. Yes, you read that correctly, you can do it for free!


To view your booking details, log in to the DVSA website using the details of your driving test booking. And click on ‘change’ next to the date and time of test or click on ‘change’ next to the test center. Simply follow the prompts.


Hopefully, you’ll find the free driving test cancellations and time slots you’re looking for. You may have to wait for hours and hours and days for a free driving test cancellation that does not fit into your instructor’s schedule. Continue reading to learn about other ways to get driving test cancellations that could be very beneficial and time-saving for you.


It’s a long time to sit in front of a computer from 6 a.m. to 11:40 p.m. looking for free driving test cancellations. You may miss the ideal driving test cancellation date if you are distracted or have to go to work.


How long does it take to cancel a driving test?


The DVSA issues driving tests 5 months in advance. You should be able to get a cancellation at your local driving test center with a little patience and luck. The cancellations that are coming up maybe 4 to 5 months away.


Most new drivers are unaware of the potentially lengthy driving test wait times at many of the UK’s DVSA test centers. If you need a full UK license quickly, for example, due to a work commitment, these wait times can be inconvenient.


Common Driving Test Cancellations Questions


  • When will driving tests resume under COVID 19?


Driving tests will continue after the COVID 19 restrictions are lifted on April 22, 2021. However, depending on the results of the government’s four key tests, this could change. Driving tests are expected to take up to 5 months to complete. Use our cancellation service to get a driving test at a much earlier or later time.


  • How can I find a later driving test date?


You must change your search preferences to find a later test. To do so, go to the settings menu and then to the search management option. You will then be able to enable or disable this feature.


  • How long does it take to locate a driving test cancellation or earlier driving test?


Within an hour, we usually start finding driving test cancellations. However, depending on your availability preferences and test centers, booking an earlier driving test may take a few days.


  • Can I still get driving test cancellations if my driving test is on hold?


You certainly can! Simply choose your preferred test centers and dates/times in-app, and we’ll do the rest to book a test for you.


  • Can I still get driving test cancellations if I close the app or turn off my device?


Even if your phone is turned off or has no signal, the app will now look for earlier or later driving tests based on your preferences.


  • How Much Do Driving Test Cancellations Cost Right Now?


The service is priced at £17.99. This is a one-time fee for unlimited use until you pass your driver’s test.


  • My test date has been changed/canceled, but the app still displays my previous test?


This can happen if there is a connectivity issue during the test change. To fix it, log out and then back into the app to allow it to re-sync. After a few minutes, the new test date should appear in the app.


  • Can I still use your services if I paid for a driving test but did not have one scheduled due to test center availability?


You certainly can!If you don’t have a scheduled test or if your test is on hold, we can still schedule a driving test cancellation for you. Simply select your preferred test centers on our website or in the app, and we’ll book you a test.


  • Does this app allow me to reschedule my driving test?


Absolutely!If we find and book you a test, the DVSA will send you an email confirming your new test date.


  • How many times can I have my driving test canceled?


We have no bounds. At no extra charge, we will find you an unlimited number of driving test cancellations until you pass your driving test.


  • Does the availability of instructors factor into driving test cancellations?


When we search for earlier driving tests, we take your instructor reference number into account. If you provided it when booking your driving tests through the DVSA website.


  • Is it possible to get a refund if a driving test cancellation is not found?


If we have not found and scheduled an earlier driving test for you. We will issue a FULL refund if you contact us within 14 days of your purchase.


  • Can you schedule another test for me if you book one for me? or do I have to re-pay?


You have unlimited access to the app until you pass, at no additional cost, regardless of how many attempts it takes.


  • Do I have to take the test date that you find for me?


No, you are free to continue using our services until you find your desired test date.


  • My driving test was recently failed. Can I reschedule a test with you right away?


Yes, as long as your new test date is at least 10 days after the failed test date. Visit our website and click ‘Get test cancellations now’ to learn more and get started.


  • How soon can you arrange for me to take my driving test?


We can move your driving test up by months, allowing you to take it in as little as three days.


  • Can I still use the driving test cancellations now app if I failed my driving test?


Of course. You’ll need to re-book your test through the DVSA website first. Then return to the app to update your information and we’ll begin searching.


  • I’d like to stop getting driving test cancellations.


No problem, simply tap ‘disable search’ or log out of the app, and we’ll stop looking for previous driving tests.


  • I have not received any driving test cancellations.


Please open the details page and double-check your information. If they are correct, please re-enter the app.


  • Can I get driving test cancellations for multiple locations?


Yes. Simply open the app or go to the website and click ‘get test cancellations now’ to select multiple test centers. You have a maximum of three options.


Final Words For Driving Test Cancellation,

During the winter months, the DVSA frequently cancels tests due to road frost/ice, snow, and sometimes bad fog. If the DVSA cancels your test, you will be scheduled for the next available slot at your preferred testing center. This, however, may extend your driving test wait time by several weeks. During the winter, afternoon tests are far more likely to be completed than early morning appointments. We recommend scheduling a test later in the day during this time of year.