6 Point Driving School – About Us

Driving Lessons with 6 Point Driving School provide you with the best forum on your path to independent driving, from your first time behind the wheel to passing your test and beyond.

Paul Sheaf is the main Owner of the 6 Point Driving School. He has 25 years of experience as a Driving Instructor and is ORDIT certified. We provide driving lessons in the North West, and our goal is to help you pass your driving test as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest level of safety.

We provide affordable driving lessons and intensive driving lessons. we provide high-quality cheap driving lessons for all levels. You can give us a call on 0330 175 6001 or text on 07828912579 to book your 1st lesson.

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Learn with 6 Point Driving School

In contrast to other driving schools, our innovative Learner training programs save you time and money by reducing the number of lessons needed. If you are a total beginner, have any driving experience, want to complete a course, or want to complete the Pass Plus scheme for newly trained drivers, 6 Point Driving School, and their Driving Instructors will assist you.


6 Point Driving School understands that everyone is unique and that no one driving lesson is appropriate for everyone. So that you get the most out of your driving lessons, we tailor our lessons to your learning style. We’ve also been in business for a long time, with over 25 years of experience teaching around the UK and a fantastic team of driving instructors.


The 6 Point Driving School’s Lessons

Only expert Driving Instructors who are local to you are provided by 6 Point Driving School. Your driving lessons will always be with a local instructor, from your first lesson to Pass Plus Driving Lessons. To locate the nearest 6 Point Driving School Instructor to you, enter your location into our search bar.


Your Initial Driving Instructions


Your first driving lesson will be guided by 6 Point Driving Instructor. Learning to drive is a nerve-wracking experience for any new driver, but none more so than the first time behind the wheel. Our instructors will demonstrate all of the car’s controls as well as how to turn away and begin driving. Read on for more details on your first driving lesson.


Intensive Driving Instruction


Intensive Lessons are suitable for those who need to learn to drive in less time than is typically needed to pass the driver’s exam. Intensive Courses are available in your region with any 6 Point Driving School; however, lesson availability is dependent on the teacher.


Driving Lessons for Pass Plus


Pass Plus Driving Lessons are a fantastic way to expand your knowledge and driving skills beyond just passing your exam. A pass plus course will help you gain trust by teaching you how to drive on roads you might not have driven on before passing your exam.


Why did you choose the 6 Point Driving School?


6 Point Driving School wants you to have as much fun as possible when learning to drive. We want you to enjoy your classes, and you’ll notice in our feedback that many people are disappointed that they won’t be able to see their teacher on a weekly basis.


If you’re having fun, you won’t have time to be anxious, and you’ll learn more quickly. Our instructors will do everything possible to make your lessons enjoyable while also ensuring that you are taught to our safe, high standards.