Buxton Driving Test Centre Routes

Buxton Driving Test Centre Address:

The Dairy
7 Green Lane
SK17 9DS


Average Pass Rate: 56.6%

Buxton driving test center is situated right in the heart of the Peak District and therefore will have lots of rural driving. This is likely to be why the pass rate is so high as rural tests are perceived to be easier. This is because there are fewer complex road obstacles to go wrong with.  On your test, the route could involve roundabouts, crossroads, and junctions of a complex nature.


DTC: Driving Test Centre | T/L: Traffic Light | EOR: End Of Road

Unforutanly no test routes are known at this time 🙁

General Information


When booking your test it’s important to think about the time of day you’ll be taking it. For example, if you take your test in rush hour before the hours of 9 o’clock you will be likely to be stuck in traffic and compete against impatient drivers, anxious to get to work on time. However, after 9 the roads are less likely to be filled with traffic, giving you more space on the road. The table shown is our opinion on the optimum time to take your test, to avoid traffic.

On the day of the test, you will be required to complete 1 of 3 possible maneuvers at a selected location on the route. This will either be a turn in the road ( 3 point turn), Parallel park, or a bay park. The bay park, however, can only be carried out at the end of the test on the test center car park, so it can be useful to practice on the car park when the center is closed if possible. It’s also at the examiner’s discretion to incorporate an emergency stop into the test.