Ayr Test Centre

Practical Driving Test Centre Address:

Off Boundary Road
Heathfield Industrial Estate



Average Pass Rate: 41.4%

DTC: Driving Test Centre | T/L: Traffic Light | EOR: End Of Road

Test route 1

Maps to be added soon

Name/ Number of Road Direction
DTC 2 x T/L ahead
Whitletts Rd / Main Rd / High Rd Roundabout 3 rd exit
Mauchline B743 / Mossblown Toll Right
Annbank Rd B742 / Mossblown Right
Annbank B744 Weston Brae EOR right
A70 Ayr Roundabout 2 nd exit
Holmston Rd T/L ahead, 2 nd left
Holmston Drive Right
Forehill Ave / St Phillans Ave EOR right
Dongola Rd EOR left
Holmston Rd Roundabout right
Station Rd Roundabout 2 nd exit
Craigie Rd T/L ahead, T/L right
Whitletts Rd T/L ahead, left
Wills Rd

Test route 2

Name/ Number of Road Direction
DTC Left
Galloway Ave EOR left
Lochside Rd 2 nd right
Walker Rd 2 nd right
Goshen Terrace EOR left
Northfield Ave 2 nd right
Bellesleyhill Ave 2 nd left, EOR left
Prestwick Rd 3 rd right
Falkland Rd Right
Falkland Place EOR left
Landsdowne Rd EOR right
Oswald Rd Right
Quail Rd EOR right
Oswald Rd 7 th right
Woodfield Ave EOR left
Prestwick Rd T/L ahead, roundabout left
Onto Airport Loop Rd Roundabout ahead
Monkton Hill Roundabout ahead
(Ayr/Stranraer) at Dutch House Roundabout 3 rd exit
Whitletts Roundabout right, T/L ahead
Low Rd Left
James Brown Ave EOR right
Sloan St Left
Thomson St EOR left
Galloway Ave 2 nd right
Mackie St EOR left
Wills Rd Left

Test route 3

Name/ Number of Road Direction
DTC Right
Mainholm Rd Right
Braehead Ave EOR right
Gemmell Crescent Left
Whitletts Rd 2 x T/L ahead, roundabout left
John St Roundabout right
Station Rd Roundabout ahead, roundabout right
Parkhouse St EOR left
Beresford Terrace / Carrick Rd / Monument Rd Right
Greenfield Ave EOR right
Doonfoot Rd 2 nd left
Gearholm Rd EOR left
Doonfoot Left
Carwinshoch View EOR right
Seafield Drive Roundabout right
Seafield Rd T/L ahead
Racecourse View Left
Midton Rd 2 nd right
Carrick Ave Left
Carrick Park EOR right
Carrick Ave EOR right
Midton Rd EOR left
Beresford Terrace 2 x T/L ahead, roundabout left, roundabout ahead
Station Rd Roundabout ahead
Craigie Rd T/L right
Whitletts Rd